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..Go light...go prepared... Protection from the elements in a deluxe style, extra wide bivy sack. Use it with a light sheet in the  summer... or to add extra warmth and dryness for a sleeping bag cover on those cooler evenings. The absolute ultimate lightweight solo emergency shelter if ever needed !

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Basic Bivy Sack



Extremely lightweight (approx 2.5 lbs [1.1 kg]) single pole setup, yet all the comfort you need for multi-day camping.

• Outside layer rolls down to base of zipper with option to keep lightweight fly screen layer underneath still zipped up (great for reading or sleeping, and keeping super comfortable, also nice for increased circulation).

• Front vent to allow for max circulation and breathability

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Hooped Bivy Sack

Aqua Quest dry bag systems - watertight solutions for people involved in boating, diving, kayaking, surfing, rafting, hiking, tramping, cycling, multi sport, mountain biking, adventure travel, search & rescue, tourism, and outdoor work.